Cover photo of 1st Cruise-In @ Paw Paw's Place Family Restaurant Asheboro, NC 2009 album
1st Cruise-In @ Paw Paw's Place Family Restaurant Asheboro, NC 2009
Aug 1, 2009
Photos: 48
Trophies: 194 total
A new local Cruise-In my friend Anthony Greene of Auto Body Shop Asheboro, NC had a big hand in coordinating. It was ...
Cover photo of Visit home pics album
Visit home pics
Jul 18, 2009
Photos: 16
Trophies: 89 total
I recently went home for a week to Oregon to visit family and get a ride in my dad's '48 coupe. Even though my dad h...
Cover photo of 2005 Silver Mustang album
2005 Silver Mustang
Jun 7, 2009
Photos: 3
Trophies: 6 total
Cover photo of Summer Jam Carshow Richmond/Rosenberg album
Summer Jam Carshow Richmond/Rosenberg
Jun 7, 2009
Photos: 89
Trophies: 84 total
Nice day here for a car show did not bring the Trans Am but my daughter Andrea and husband Jake showing off the silve...
Cover photo of fairmont album
Jun 1, 2009
Photos: 4
Trophies: 0 total
1979 ford fairmont
Cover photo of Red Giles 51 Ford Truck album
Red Giles 51 Ford Truck
May 26, 2009
Photos: 17
Trophies: 33 total
51 Ford Truck
Cover photo of the purple stang album
the purple stang
May 20, 2009
Photos: 5
Trophies: 0 total
pix of my 90 5.0
Cover photo of MULLET1 album
May 18, 2009
Photos: 12
Trophies: 15 total
1988 Pontiac Trans Am GTA: My Leadfoot Rally Ride 5.7 V8 TPI 700R4 Rebuilt by Andrews Racing Transmissions 3" single ...
Cover photo of 52 Ford F4 album
52 Ford F4
May 13, 2009
Photos: 5
Trophies: 16 total
1952 Ford F4 Factory Dually 215 ci / 6 cyl 4 spd synchro
Cover photo of Frog 96 Mustang GT album
Frog 96 Mustang GT
May 13, 2009
Photos: 5
Trophies: 0 total
Stock, no mods
Cover photo of my Stang album
my Stang
May 3, 2009
Photos: 6
Trophies: 0 total
Cover photo of Voiturette album
May 3, 2009
Photos: 19
Trophies: 18 total
View my car :)
Cover photo of OUR TUFF RED CAPRI album
Apr 16, 2009
Photos: 4
Trophies: 5 total
The latest pictures of our tuff red 1970 Ford GT Capri
Cover photo of 1953 Ford Pickup album
1953 Ford Pickup
Apr 13, 2009
Photos: 28
Trophies: 5 total
This is the pickup that I'm going to *attempt* to rebuild into a custom truck for my dad. It's going to be a long pr...
Cover photo of STANG album
Mar 28, 2009
Photos: 30
Trophies: 87 total
My Stang! taken in 2009
Cover photo of My Truck album
My Truck
Mar 27, 2009
Photos: 11
Trophies: 0 total
Pictures of the exterior/interior of my truck. Also known as the money pit.
Cover photo of Ford Ranger album
Ford Ranger
Mar 2, 2009
Photos: 2
Trophies: 3 total
This is an old Ranger I once had.
Cover photo of Renowacja gruzu... album
Renowacja gruzu...
Feb 25, 2009
Photos: 33
Trophies: 0 total
Odbudowa i renowacja Redd Barona
Cover photo of Ford Mustang GT album
Ford Mustang GT
Feb 24, 2009
Photos: 3
Trophies: 1 total
Just some pictures of my brothers car.
Cover photo of CRAKAFAT 2 album
Feb 18, 2009
Photos: 8
Trophies: 9 total
mOre Crakafat
Cover photo of spoiler album
Feb 16, 2009
Photos: 2
Trophies: 0 total
so we got the spoiler on the car and here it is
Cover photo of CRAKAFAT album
Feb 10, 2009
Photos: 3
Trophies: 9 total
1970 Ford GT Capri 347 stroker windsor.
Cover photo of Ford Fan Picnic "Zwierzyniec 2006" by Qnrad album
Ford Fan Picnic "Zwierzyniec 2006" by Qnrad
Feb 9, 2009
Photos: 72
Trophies: 0 total
Zlot Ford Old Club Poland w Zwierzyncu, w 2006 roku. Zdjecia publikujemy dzieki uprzejmosci Qnrada.
Cover photo of 32 album
Feb 3, 2009
Photos: 29
Trophies: 0 total
Cover photo of Various album
Feb 3, 2009
Photos: 11
Trophies: 0 total
Other Taunuses and overseas Fords
Cover photo of Other Taunus Fords album
Other Taunus Fords
Feb 2, 2009
Photos: 2
Trophies: 0 total
Inne Taunusy
Cover photo of Mad Max Interceptor MFP508 album
Mad Max Interceptor MFP508
Feb 1, 2009
Photos: 10
Trophies: 17 total
Constructed in Perth, West Australia by Mad Max Unlimited. Base car,1973 Australian Ford Falcon XB. 351 Cleveland,FM...
Cover photo of Starting from scratch album
Starting from scratch
Jan 25, 2009
Photos: 2
Trophies: 0 total
This is the engine before I started building it up. It's a remanufactured 1987 Ford thunderbird 2.3T.
Cover photo of Redd Baron Project album
Redd Baron Project
Jan 24, 2009
Photos: 6
Trophies: 7 total
Cover photo of Model cars I have built album
Model cars I have built
Jan 18, 2009
Photos: 24
Trophies: 129 total
This is an album of model cars I have built and competed with winning many trophies and was the state champion for ov...