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About me and my passion for cars

I enjoy all cars, and love to attend every car show I find. But the design of the 240Z and Nissan 300ZX speak to me as most others don't-meaning I can, and do, admire other cars, and respect the work that went into them, but when it comes to my ownership, time, and money, a Z is where I'll spend most of it!
I have been a Z enthusiast since I saw one for the first time-In 1970 from a school bus! I can remember thinking "I am going to have one of those Devil Fish cars..." From my first sighting of that 240Z I was hooked!
I don't care where it was made, who drove it, what color it used to be, how low the vin is, who sponsors it, or how much it cost to build, when I find it interesting, I will study it.

My pet peeve is people who pretend to know all about a car and every time they open their mouths, it is more and more obvious that they don't know a 240Z, 280ZX 300ZX, 2350Z, 370Z from a Fairlady Z, a Corvette from a Chevette, or the difference is between Restoration and Modification. What does perfect chrome on an old car mean?
My view of a car guy is someone who treats his car like his woman...you don't pay someone else to take care of her, you get dirty and sweaty with her yourself! A car guy knows that passion comes from Intimate personal contact, not wiping ink on a piece of paper! That is not to say you might not treat her to a spa day, or buy her a new dress, shoes and a purse-Writing a check is fine, but to a real car guy, his car is not only worth HIS money, but his personal and private time, energy, and attention. Just paying the bills can't make you a husband, a father, or a car guy.

My first car

1976 Datsun 280Z 2+2, sold it cheap to a fellow enthusiast who promptly drove it into the ground

Car I wish I still had

My last 240Z

My dream car

A 300ZX Convertible built to my specifications with no compromises-just like the one in progress in my garage!.

Car clubs I’m in

Coastal Z Club
Internet Z Car Club


  • Type of racing: Club Rally-anything where the budget is seriously impaired, but the driving tallent is off the charts!
  • Driver: Me!
  • Driving song: Bach's Toccata and Fugue peeled out of a abused and emotionally scarred electric guitar!
  • Car movie: Against All Odds with John Morton
  • Car book: The Stainless Steel Carrot
  • Car magazine: ZClub Magazine
  • Car game: Radio Controlled racing

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