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About me and my passion for cars

I was raised with motor oil in my veins. My dad took me to every swap meet and car show in the area from the time I could walk. I spent countless hours in the garage tearing things apart to see how they worked. Then I started high school and had to take every class I could that was car related, graduated with all the state certifications in auto mechanics. (back when you could work on cars without a degree in computer sceince or working for NASA...bring back the good ol days!) Now a days, I wish I had more time and money to build all the cars and motorcycles I want to but kids and a wife make that a little difficult. After we finish up the 37' chevy pick up build I would love to find a 59' caddy

My first car

1977 nova, got it when I was 14 for $150 (rough) Dad and I brought it back to life with a few extras just for fun

Car I wish I still had

81' Malibu, paid $300 bucks for it and it was solid as a rock. Little old lady was selling it, she said the motor was blown. Had a bad gear on the flexplate. Would of made a great drag car.

My dream car

1959 caddy convt


  • Type of racing: Drag
  • Driver: Me- hate to ride
  • Car movie: american graffiti
  • Car magazine: Hot Rod, street rodder
  • Car game: CHICKEN!!!! lol

— Profile last updated: May 8, 2009