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M –34
Yuma, Arizona
United States


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About me and my passion for cars

I've always loved cars. I started building models when I was 9. When I turned 13, I played Gran Turismo for the first time and became hooked on driving fast. Well when I was about 14, I took my sister's keys to her 91 Olds Achieva when the rest of my family was out of town. I didn't wreck it, but I drove enough that I thought I should fill up the tank so they wouldn't notice the difference, and I ran right into the gas pump gaurd ruining her fender. Got in a lot of trouble for that one, but I knew then that I loved driving. Not just driving fast, but cruising nice and slow down my town's main street for hours on end in high school. Going fast was still a pretty good time too. I still hate to fly across any distance that I can possibly drive, simply for the enjoyment of being in control of my machine. Feeling the throttle response and acceleration. Throwing her into a turn way too fast and somehow pulling through under control (though after several tickets it's a habit I try to avoid.) I shudder when I think of cars like Mercedes that make steering, throttle and brake controls all by wire. Where's the connection to the car, the road? It doesn't matter what kind of car. I think every person who drives should have at least one car or truck that's at least as old as he or she is. I see the beauty in almost any car, no matter how cheap, or old.

My first car

95 Ford Thunderbird LX V8

Car I wish I still had

All the cars I used to own.
T-Bird, Daihatsu, Toyota Crown.

My dream car

There is no way I could pick just one. If I had a trillion dollars, I would have a garage that would make Jay Leno's massive jaw drop. As it is now with my lousy paycheck, I keep whatever I'm driving as my dream car, until it's peeled back into the car I want it to be.

Car clubs I’m in

G-Body Nuts


  • Type of racing: Road courses. Especially when the cars started off life as production cars.
  • Driver: Cale Yarborough
  • Driving song: Fuel-Metallica
  • Car movie: Vanishing Point or Smokey and The Bandit
  • Car book: Bob Bondurant on High Performance Driving
  • Car magazine: Car and Drive
  • Car game: Gran Turismo

— Profile last updated: Jan 31, 2009