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About me and my passion for cars

My passion fired up by getting into durango and expecially when I got into the camaro and ever since then its pretty much the only thing I cared for. Before that I had no intrest period but now thats an totaly different story. I like an car that will 100% stand out of the crowd with positive attention and that has the lovely, muscle car rumble.

My first car

77 datsun 280z, such a sweet car and wish I could have her back. Ohhh the possibility's!

Car I wish I still had

my 77 280z defintly or my 98 escort (32k miles 2yrs ago!) if i woulnt of bought the durango something like a 350z's v6 would be dropped in her right now.

My dream car

I'm happy with my camaro and durango but if i could pick one, all around vehicle it would be a... i have no idea LOL.


  • Driving song: What ever is currently playing on "THE BREW" !
  • Car magazine: camaro peformers
  • Car game: midnight club 3 dub edition remix

— Profile last updated: Jul 10, 2011