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M –39
Saint Cloud, Minnesota
United States


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About me and my passion for cars

I belive much like people you should be able to find at least 3 good things about every car. Even the "duds". Many engineers and desiners spend a lot of time working on even crappy cars so I belive their Ideas had/have good intention, somtimes they just dont get accepted. IE geo metro Ive had one up to 100mph and its a car that can get 40mpg, well I cant think of a third thing now but Im shure if I kept thinking I would find something. I like and respect many different views on automotive views. IE: US vrs Import, Chevy Vrs Ford, Toyota Vrs Honda, Saab vrs Volvo, Bmw Vrs Benz, Ferrari Vrs Lambo's, Gas vrs hybrid, steam etcetcetc.

My first car

Datsun 210 Wagon very very rusty had coathangers holding on rear bumper wraped around the rear seat because the rear fame was soo bad.. man I used to be so cool.

Car I wish I still had

Hmmm, I lived from 16-22 on a mission to beat the heck out of cars. I dont even remeber all of them.

My dream car

Way too many to pick from.

Car clubs I’m in

dont really like groups of like minded people. I value outside info. (Not that I dont socialze, just not a big Z only guy)


  • Type of racing: All, all have good points
  • Driver: Me
  • Driving song: Whole lotta Love, Zepplin (or panama in a 80smood)
  • Car movie: Gone in 60 sec
  • Car book: Motor Manuals
  • Car magazine: Road and track, They have the best stats
  • Car game: Mario Kart, (J/K Grand Turismo)

— Profile last updated: Apr 2, 2010