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M –48
Sioux Falls, South Dakota
United States


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About me and my passion for cars

I enjoy the looks of all old cars and the technology of the new one.I enjoy looking at the cars that my dad and grandparents took for granite.I love taking mycar out with the family and my daughter tells me to punch it dad. And then sometimes says stop showing off.My car comes from a time in the American times that we always will look back on and say those were the times. No government to regulate how much horsepower you could have, for they were tring to put a man on the moon, while listening to Jimmy Hendricks,or Johnny Cash. All I know is compition is a good thing and instead of compiting for horsepower and a great body lines on cars, now we are more concerned on the gas milage and if it is something that the neighbor has. Nomatter what I enjoy yesterdays automobile and learn to except to days. Besides if you never grow up you will never get older,live for today plan for tomarrow.

My first car

My fisrt car I learned how to drive was a Ford GranTrino sport. I needed a phone book to see over the dash. It was fun and fast, I remember my dad telling me to keep it on my side of the road because he didn't want to see the ditch. Thanks dad for the memories. My dad gave me my first car it was a 1984 peogeut. Cool to have a car,was hoping for the Jeep Commander.

Car I wish I still had

I wish I still had my 1979 cj5 jeep with the 304. It was a lot of fun. I repainted it and did the interior, put big tires on it and redid the motor. When you do things yourself you really enjoy the learning and the outcome. OLD FREIND YOU WILL BE MISSED.

My dream car

It is 67 Pontiac convertible. I really think that in its time and also now that the 67 firebird had the best body lines. Next the 69 Chevelle which I have in my garage. let the good times roll.


  • Type of racing: Drag racing and formula racing
  • Driving song: white zombies
  • Car movie: Any

— Profile last updated: Feb 8, 2007