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About me and my passion for cars

My first car was from Britain (Austin-Healey). The second was American (Ford). The third was built in Canada (Ford). The fourth was from Germany (VW). The fifth was another Ford, built in Dearborn. The sixth was Japanese (Toyota). The seventh was Detroit iron (Dodge). The eighth was Japanese (Nissan). The ninth was built in Australia (a Ford, but sold here in the U.S. as a Mercury Capri). The tenth was a GM, made in America (a Saturn SC, for our older daughter). The eleventh was from Korea (a Kia Sportage, for our younger daughter). My wife now drives a 2007 Taurus SE (another U.S.-built Ford). My daily driver, a pickup, is a Ford Ranger XLT made in America. And my latest fun ride is from Brazil (see photo). I think I have most of the world's continents covered now. If anyone has a spare, not-too-rusty Fiat 124 Spider looking for a good home, though, drop it by anytime.

My first car

It was a faded red 1962 Austin-Healey Sprite Mk II that my dad heard about on a radio call-in show in the summer of 1969. It turned out to be in a barn outside Shiner, Texas. We drove out there with a trailer, just in case, and with a little gas in the carb and a jump start, it cranked right up. Paid $450 for it, and it came with three tops -- soft, tonneau and hard. I had to replace the right rear axle and the exhaust system, found a boat builder to remake the side curtains, and bought a new shift knob. That little jewel took me all over Texas for the next three years and only stranded me once (the generator died about 4 a.m. six miles north of Comanche on an overnight trip from Houston to Abilene). Got rid of it a few months before I got married three years later, and still regret it -- the car, not the wife.

Car I wish I still had

That old Sprite.

My dream car

A 1981 Lafer TI.

Car clubs I’m in

MP Lafer Clube USA (the car is from Brazil, so we go with the Brazilian Portuguese spelling)

TD Replica Car Club (


  • Type of racing: F-1
  • Driver: Graham Hill
  • Driving song: The Road Goes On Forever, and the Party Never Ends (Robert Earl Keen)
  • Car movie: Le Mans, Grand Prix, Winning, Two for the Road
  • Car magazine: Road & Track

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