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About me and my passion for cars

To be very honest......I never had a huge passion for cars. In fact if I remember correctly, the first car show I attended was after my T/A restoration 4 years ago. Its not that i dont like cars. I had alot of other hobbies and thats where my time went.

But lets go back a bit. There was 1 car that woke me UP to what Horespower was. My Brothers Car. God bless him he trusted me with It . And in all honesty...I was good to his car. I never beat it up. I applied Pressure .... 4 Sure. But never beat it up.

It was a 1967 SS 396 Chevelle.411 posi ....This thing was STUPID fast. My brother was a MOTORHEAD. Still is. In fact He just Restored the Chevelle and it was completed this spring.

So if there was a start of my Horsepower kick....that 67 SS was it.
7/8 years ago i had a decision to make.My T/A was getn tired 150,000 miles . What once was a rubber mount was now a petrified block of COAL. I saw 2 choices. Sell it,or start taken it apart. I almost sold it to a friend who was looking to purchase a car for his son.He heard i might be selln the T/A. He called me up and wanted to take my Trans Am home. To HIS house. AND DRIVE IT. I thought... home? HOME?. If i remember correctly, i think i said in my head "It is Home". Then i said drive it ? DRIVE IT?. Again talkin to myself in my head, (like some1 with issues) i said this friend of mine is crazy. Then i realized.....Its me whos CRAZY. It hit me like a BRICK upside my head. I cant let some1 drive my T/A. I Cant sell this car. At the time the T/A was on its second Motor a 350@ 400 hp. With every rubber mount in the car Shot and the car leaning to the left a bit as it sits. I called him back that same night....i SAID " Steve sorry i cant do this " i Explained to him the Sick feeling i got when he asked to take it home. He understood of course . 2 weeks after that phone conversation i Drove it to Ecks Autobody and we started to dismantle . 3.5 years later ,is what you see in my garage.

It was all the fun i had . I could write a book on "The Cops and people i should apologize to " with this car. A lot of stories, and the general good times , are the reason i couldnt let go. BUT those Smokey and the Bandit days are over.Thats when i was young and dumb.

Now my Girl Bird Rests Comfortably in her nest, in my Garage, on Carpet. She deserves it.She Helped Me get Out of SO Much Trouble.
With tremendous Respect to the Real Bandit Cars from the Original movie......Because of my Stupidity.........this 82 T/A , from experience .........was my little BANDIT.

And remember never EVER Hit 4 old ladies in an Impala http://www.yo...v=Yj-6nJCQYdo <<Click enjoy

My first car

VW 1967 BUG. It was in Vw magazine.It had a early poche engine in it. I miss it

Car I wish I still had


My dream car

still thinkin about that


  • Type of racing: Nascar
  • Driving song: Run like Hell (Pink Floyd)
  • Car movie: smokey and the Bandit
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