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About me and my passion for cars

I started out very young with intrest in cars. Back when they changed the look of the cars every year I could tell you the year model and make of that car way before I was driving,I don't remember my age,but I would always amaze my Dad and uncles. They would just pick a car at random and ask me what it was and I could always tell them. As I got older the passion stuck with me,I started buying old cars and working on them,then I tried a little painting.I was never really good at either one,but I always had good friends that would help me out, I think thats why I got into buying cars restored,after restoring a couple,I found out you can buy them a lot cheaper then you can build it. I know you don't have the bragging rights,but I am not like a lot of people who hang on to there cars for years and won't let them go,I like to buy differant cars every so often and I know I will take this passion for cars to my grave.

My first car

1962 Chevy

Car I wish I still had

My 56 Chevy

My dream car

I am not sure,I can say when I see it I will know.

Car clubs I’m in

Culpeper Cruisers


  • Type of racing: Nascar
  • Driver: Dale Jarrett
  • Driving song: Fooled around and feel in love

— Profile last updated: Aug 6, 2009