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Seattle, Washington
United States


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About me and my passion for cars

My passion for cars started @ a very early age. I have always had a need to drive anything w/ a steering wheel since I can remember. My first vehicle was a tractor (obviously not so fast), then moved up to a home go cart on our ranch, then to my dads truck & then to my first Camaro. From there on I was hooked to driving. My love for european cars ie; BMW, Porsche *and all other sleek vehicles kept me wondering....then when I saw the new was love for the car world all over again. So here I go ...super fast, w/ po po on my butt pulling me over & asking me the same question they always ask me: "Mam Why do you think I'm here today"??? My answer will ALWAYS BE THE SAME: " Why officer you're here today because you got C's in grade school"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Obviously I get a ticket everytime but satisfaction is what I was after to begin w/ so it is....JUSTIFIED!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAPPY DRIVING & DON'T WORRY...BE HAPPY

My first car

67 SS Camaro, Baby Blue

Car I wish I still had

67 SS Camaro, Baby Blue

My dream car

my car & the Shelby GT 500

Car clubs I’m in

should be in the Porsche club but haven't found any around my area.


  • Type of racing: Nascar
  • Driver: Dale Earnheart the man!
  • Driving song: Wherever I May Roam : Metallica
  • Car movie: Transformers
  • Car magazine: Motortrend
  • Car game: Slug Bug for sure:)

— Profile last updated: Mar 10, 2010