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About me and my passion for cars

Dad was a car nut. Most of my family are car nuts. I like stock looking cars. (Sleepers) Worked on my own cars, can't see paying a guy to work on it. Unless it's something I can't repair myself. Now if they would make cars and trucks, that can be tuned or fixed my the guy or gal, that own it. That would be nice. Taking and making cars/trucks that only Certified people can work on, is wrong. Folks can't afford it. They made it so you can't even do a tune up anymore. Racing used to define what would be sold at the dealers. Thats no more... Cause all the new cars and trucks are ugly, run like crap. Second hand cars are worse... Putting 20-23inch wheels doesn't make it look good at all. I'm just saying what I feel. I think its stupid putting tires and wheels on a car that cost less then the tires and wheels... Oh, and the Japanese cars with the muffler thing to make it louder... OMG! Just as dumb as having a 2000watt stereo... I don't want to hear the crap ass music you think is good... Lord...

My first car

Was my Mom's 1968 Plymouth Satilite 4Dr. Slotted Mags, 70's on the front, and 60's on the back. 318 eng. was my getting around car. Loved it...

Car I wish I still had

1964 Morris Mini Minor, bought this car when I lived in England. It's currently in the USA. Sold it to a TSgt. he shipped it to the states.

My dream car

1969 Dodge Dart Swinger 340-4barrel. My Dad owned one of these. When I was a kid. Dusted two Mach1 Mustangs with him driving it. 120+ on the Speedo.. Awesome car, and the only one I have seen to date with that color, and package. The only one I have found close to it, sold for 1.5 Million Bucks...


  • Type of racing: NASCAR, NHRA. F1
  • Driver: Dale Jr
  • Car movie: Gone In 60 Seconds
  • Car magazine: Truckin, Hot Rod
  • Car game: Forza 2 and 3, Nascar (All)

— Profile last updated: Mar 20, 2011