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About me and my passion for cars

The sound of a V8, even at idle, stirs something deep inside of me......even better if it has a radical cam. Not to be shallow, as there many other aspects of my life, but that sound is something that will always capture my imagination. Does anyone know of a clock radio that will play that sound for an alarm? Sick, I know.

I grew up working on my own cars to save money and to learn about how they work and are put together. Although not a mechanic through any formal training, I've successfully rebuilt several engines and have a natural mechanical ability. I enjoy trouble shooting (sometimes) and am willing to paint my project car, I've done one paint job on an older Buick I owned before.

I have a 1971 Cutlass that I'm building now.....it has been a long, slow process (about 8 years) and I've done a great job of taking it apart, but now it is time to finish prepping the body and get it painted and back together. Some small rust areas have been neutralized and/or removed and the frame is painted, front end rebuilt, front disc brakes installed and gas tank repaired. I am building the engine out of my first car (1968 olds 350, bored) and will be installing a fuel injection manifold (multi-port) and high flow heads, roller cam and rockers, headers and duel exhaust. I have yet to order those parts, but I have a pretty good idea of what I want. I have a built 350 hydramatic with a shift kit and manual, reverse valve body on order and will work well with the 3.55 gears. I have a quality factory-style O.A.I. hood that will go on the car, which will be painted silver with a black top and black stripes. I will be getting pictures of that up soon.

My first car

An Arctic white 1979 Olds Cutlass. What a great car....1968 355 Rocket with 403 heads, duel exhaust and the worst gears in the world, 2.56. Even with the ultra-stupid gear ratio, it would chirp the tires 1st to 2nd at 55 mph, kind of exciting when launching on a highway on-ramp.

Car I wish I still had

My first car

My dream car

1970 W optioned 442


  • Type of racing: Street
  • Driver: Me
  • Driving song: Out on the Tiles by Led Zeppelin
  • Car movie: Two Lane Blacktop
  • Car book: Rebuild manuals
  • Car magazine: Muscle Machines by Hemmings Motor News

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