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About me and my passion for cars

I had this nice long story here that was so beautiful it was like vehicular poetry, but it took so long to write that the site logged me out and I lost it and can't remember WTF I wrote so this is what you get.

I love cars, but have an issue with my government.
-We build cars that will do 100mph+ out of factory
yet can't drive em over 65.
-Not only that but we own our cars, but need someone elses
permission to drive them? I can understand public safety laws
and all that but some of this sh%t is just plain stupid.

case in point:
My license was recently suspended for forgetting to pay a seat belt ticket, Secretary of State is kinda slow to get notices out so now I have to be concerned with a driving on suspension ticket.

Land of Freedom and Justice..... where?
oops just made the watch list :P

My first car

An 83' marquis, I paid $200 for it and being young and knowing everything I drove it like a race car. Took me 6 months to blow the motor, but never put a scratch in it :P

Car I wish I still had

I don't look back, always looking forward to the next project.

My dream car

67' Mustang fastback, 67' Plymouth R023, s14 Silvia, Nissan GTR, A Delorean (gotta have the back to the future car)


  • Type of racing: Autocross, road racing, and drift
  • Driver: Me :P
  • Driving song: Just can't decide
  • Car movie: Gone in 60 sec, smokey and the bandit, transporter, death race
  • Car magazine: All of em
  • Car game: NFS carbon, most wanted... love those cop chases

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