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About me and my passion for cars

I don't belong here, in this time. Here where cars are stamped out of impersonal plastic molds and function by drivers with the soul-less attitude of apathy that wishes only to get from "point a" to "point b".

I belong in a time when cars had soul. I belong in a time where cars were meant to be driven. Not just "interstate driven", but "back-roads driven".

Today they seem to be a means to an end. We have had a few raise their heads with hopes of reviving the life the automobile once had: The new Mustangs, the new Camaros and the new Challengers. Yet even with the few exceptions, we know they are really just a reflection of the past; a past that will never really return to us in it's entirety. A past that I never knew and can only look at with my head aimed back in wonder, "What was it like?."

And since I was born after the government conspired to murder the muscle car, I cannot fully grasp the meaning that cars once had with people. So I have built my own time machine: a 1978 Chevy Nova, one of the last muscle cars ever made. When I close the door and crank the engine, I catch a glimpse of what made the days I never saw so special. I hold on to the Nova because the Nova holds on to time.

My first car

My first car was an undrivable 1978 Chevy Nova; the one you see in my garage. Check the car page to see the full story.

Car I wish I still had

My dad was going to give me a 1986 Silverado pick-up but I turned it down. He completely restored it and made one of the best looking restorations I've ever seen to this day. I wish I had taken it!

My dream car

I drive my dream car. The Nova was my dream and continues to be.

However, the 1983 DMC12 Delorean is my other dream car. Chances are I will never own one of those beauties, but I don't have an emotional connection to it either other than Back to the Future is my favorite film.

Car clubs I’m in

Chevy Nova Enthusiasts


  • Type of racing: NHRA Funny Car
  • Driver: John Force
  • Driving song: "No Particular Place to Go." - Chuck Berry
  • Car movie: "Gone in 60 Seconds"
  • Car magazine: Car and Driver
  • Car game: Forza Motorsport

— Profile last updated: Mar 23, 2012