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My first car

My first car was a tank. It was huge. . . a "64 Chevy Biscayne. . . tan, four door, automatic, 4 tires, it started, it ran, and it was free from a relative. Now this was 1977 we're talking about so a '64 had been around the block a few times. . . but never look a gift horse. . . yada, yada, yada.
I took my driver's test in the Biscayne. Well first I had to pass the oral question part of the test. Thanks to the guy next to me, when I got stumped I heard him say
"divided highway" and figured that sounds good, and it was. Off to the trooper, and the STOP sign, cones, three-point turn, parallel parking, wow I passed. . . got my permit stamped, first test and I passed! Headed out to my sister, who said "you passed, then you can drive home." Gulp!
I stalled the Biscayne seven times trying to back it out of the parking spot. . . too many people walking back and forth behind me.


  • Type of racing: NASCAR

— Profile last updated: Aug 18, 2009