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About me and my passion for cars

I drag race. I'm talking about real drag racing, with a tree and time slips and friendly competition. I love everything about drag racing. My car is a rear-engine dragster made by Ed Quay, my career best ET in the 1/4 is 7.95 seconds at about 160 MPH. The car runs on methanol and boasts over 750 HP.

A lot of people are pretty inquisitive about my racing, and others don't understand why it means so much to me... so here's the rest of the story. Racing means a lot to me mostly because without it, I wouldn't know my father. Racing's the only thing we have to share together. Before I started racing, dad and I didn't spend much time together. My parents have given up a lot of time, money, as well as their own interests to support me. I love them for everything they've done. I'd LOVE to race professionally one day. I had a divisional team look at having me race for them a few years ago, but if that does come, I want to wait until after college. I've met my favorite professional racers. I believe that most of the guys I've raced against are some of the nicest and best out there... they're willing to help even if my car breaks before I'm supposed to race them next round. I dunno what I'd be doing without racing, but I'd be a much different person, that much is certain. My dragster is in the most advanced class possible racing locally... as well as one of the fastest cars in my class... a class with one other female in it.

But beyond all of that, I work as a project manager for a commercial subcontracting company in Nebraska, I enjoy drinking beer, road trips, AC/DC, and Chevys.

My first car

My first car, ashamedly, was a '95 Eagle Talon.

Car I wish I still had

My first race car, a '63 Nova that ran low 12's in the 1/4 mile.

My dream car

I'm driving it (my dragster)... but I would LOVE to move up to a top fuel dragster someday.
I'm really just a pickup girl though. I love diesel. Put the Cummins in a Chevy, in Chevy pickup, really, and I'd be happy. I'd have to invest in something other than the Allison transmission though, I want something that could handle a little more torque.


  • Type of racing: NHRA 1/4 Mile Drag
  • Driver: Jack Beckman, Shaun Vincent
  • Car movie: Driven
  • Car book: "NHRA 2012 Rulebook," and "Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance"
  • Car magazine: Diesel Power

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