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About me and my passion for cars

My fiancee has a couple of Firebirds and he got me into cars. I never really was into them until we got together, but the 1976 Trans Am he restored with his father is just a SUPER car! (He's on here under the name of Tarouq Machtu from the movie "Avatar", because of that red Trans Am being called "The Red Dragon" so I took up my name Neyteeri from the name of that character's love interest) I really got interested myself when I replaced my old beater Contour with my T-Bird. What a difference a few cylinders and a sporty looking body make!

My first car

Ford Contour

Car I wish I still had

None. I sure don't miss that old Contour!

My dream car

For now, I have it!

— Profile last updated: Nov 13, 2011