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M –56
Bothell, Washington
United States


Cars Profile

About me and my passion for cars

I've always loved car's. since I was a kid and saw my first 69 corvette stingray 427, and heard the rumble it made I was like 7 yrs old... I will never forget that day, it pulled up next to us with side pipes rumbling away, my window open as I stuck my head out to see this work of art, when the light change, the sitting in that seat knew I was admiring his he let it up and took off when the light went green.....I was so excited that I yelled at my dad to catch up to him....(We where in a 66 Chev Station Wagon in-line 6) I was so excited that I did not under stand why are car did not move as fast!...then the Firebirds started to come out with screaming chickens on there hoods...and Ford's had Mach-1, 427 cobra's, Dodge had the Chargers, Cuda, Challenger, Roadrunners, so many nice cars to chose from....and I was just a kid of 7-10 yrs old when the cars that made up the Muscle era, came and pass... I was so mad at my father and mother who never bought one of these car...But now my kids 15 & 14 look at my toys and ask...when I'm 16..can I drive your car dad??!!! .... like a man with a love of guns...the words come out about being: ...prying my keys out of my cold dead hands.... of course the look in there eyes is like (yeah right! if that's what it takes..)'s change every year it seems.. the big three are tiring to bring back their Glory years by making cars that look like the (era gone by).. to bring back those days when our youth shaped the way we live, free love and all where ever there is a car show, small or big, I will attend it...with one of my own car's, or as a spectator... we pour Millions a year into the love of our cars, take out 2nd mortgages to re-build or youthful memory's a fender peace at a time... I'll be there with my Son's and friends to help in any way I can.....keeping our love of Cars on the road...

My first car

Was a Dodge Charger 1968 with a 383 Mag. 727 Torque-flight Trans with a Dana 4.11 rear.

Car I wish I still had

My 68 Charger...

My dream car

Like all young kids...a Lamborghini 25th Anniversary SS... its missile like looks, V-12 motor, rear engine drive train...and wicked doors was the bad boy car I always wanted to have...

Car clubs I’m in

Soon to be:
1) Mopar of Seattle Area.
2) Firebird North West Asso.
3) BMW Z-4
4) British TR-4 Cars


  • Type of racing: Drag and Course
  • Driver: None
  • Driving song: I can't drive 55
  • Car movie: Cannon ball run
  • Car book: Collector Car
  • Car magazine: Car Craft
  • Car game: none

Planes Profile

About me and my passion for planes

Ever since I was a boy of 7, I had fallin in love with flight... My Mother took us to her home country to visit her family members, and that flight was so cool, all I wanted to do was fly from then on. it has been a life long persuit to fly. I am in the process of building a plans built Long-ez RG. yes I am going to modify my plane to what I think a plane should be like. we all have a dream. it does not matter to me if I complete this plane or long as I am working on and around it, I am happy. I have flown across country and enjoyed the sights it brings being only 1500 ft above GL. you see so much of our country that you can't see from 35-45K ft. when I retire from work, I'd like to fly acorss country agian this time landing at verious places meeting people in those that not what flying is all about, getting to know your country men? enjoy your time here on this earth, but don't sell yourself short of your dreams even if it does take you a life time to complete.

My first plane

Building one

Plane I wish I still had

never had one

My dream plane

SR-71..but to be real, a P-51 Mustang

My certifications

A&P IA and Pilot lic.

Where I got my certifications

Regal air, and South Seattle CC

Plane clubs I’m in



  • Pilot: Bob Hover
  • Airport: Paine Field and Arlington Washington
  • Flying destination: every where
  • Flight simulator: none
  • Aviation magazine: Sport Av. and Kit plane

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