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Springfield, Missouri
United States


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About me and my passion for cars

I have always loved fast vehicles but unfortunately I have never owned one. In high school, my guy friends let me street race their vehicles and I loved it.
My life moved away from fast cars when I went to college. I bought a 4x4 truck and did a lot of mudding in the poor little thing. My life has been non stop since college and cars were not a part of it until recent.
Lucky for me, I was hired as the Nitrous Girl for a couple of guys that have a nitrous refilling business. They set up their tent at the local drag strip to refill bottles and I get to help but more importantly I am around nice, fast cars once again and an awesome group of guys.

The desire to race has now taken over and I started working on a project car. When I started this project I had a mechanic and awesome racer to help me with it. I have since lost his help and am on my own. I have been exploring the internet and chatting on forums constantly to try and figure out how to bring this car to life.
It is not the best car in the world but it has a story behind it. It is a 1979 Buick Skyhawk. It has an astroroof and after doing some research I have decided to just restore it instead of turning it into a drag car.

My first car

1989 Dodge Omni (I know it's a turd car but it was what I could afford)

My dream car

It's crazy, but right now I would love to have a Buick Grand National, but if this is a dream car I'll just take the GNX ;-)


  • Type of racing: drag
  • Driver: Ashley Force
  • Car movie: 2 Lane Blacktop

— Profile last updated: May 29, 2009