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About me and my passion for cars

I learned to drive in the back yard spinning donuts in the mud in my Vega. I graduated to wet asphalt as a teenager perfecting the 720. As an adult, I have worked as a Precision Driver for several motion pictures, like The Matrix Reloaded, Role Models and Moneyball. I love to drive and maintain my cars. Each one has a unique personality. The Red Car promises topless fun in the sun, buzzing around town. I love the sound of its balanced four banger bellowing through the header exhaust. The Black Car is a dominator on the Highway. The blower's response is quick and kinda scary. I never tire of that thing, guess that's why I still own it after 21 years, even with the lousy gas mileage.
People are unpredictable and often unreliable, but cars when properly maintained, seldom let you down.

My first car

My first car was 1974 Vega GT. It was copper when I inherited it from my Mom. I drove it all through High School, even painted it black and customized it. It got wrecked on the way to my Junior College when a moron ran a light and broadsided it. Later, I got a 1985 Z-28 to replace it. Still have the Z... It's The Black Car.

Car I wish I still had

1976 Vega GT. It had a five-speed, but the motor was junk. Ran on 3-1/2 cylinders most of the time, but got great gas mileage-- 35 mpg on the freeway!

My dream car

The Keaton Batmobile. I'd love a Mad Max Falcon XB too!
Acura NSX's look pretty neat as well.


  • Type of racing: Nascar
  • Driving song: Hotel California--Eagles
  • Car movie: Mad Max and The Road Warrior
  • Car book: Camaros
  • Car magazine: Car Craft
  • Car game: Need for Speed

— Profile last updated: Mar 1, 2016