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About me and my passion for cars

Who am I?

Well, my name is Larry. I’m a car guy through and through. Been working on them since I was 13. Started building engines before I was through with school. Even had my own shop for a while (that I’m sorta trying to revive). I love many different kinds of cars, mostly GMs, but none more than the 2nd gen. Trans Ams. Most specifically the ’77 and ‘78s. I always preferred (and specialized) in ones powered by the Olds 403. I also love '70s GM A-bodies (Cutlass) and 1st gen S-10s.

I currently have a ’78 (formerly a gold non Y88) I’ve nicknamed “The Phoenix” that was given to me by a great guy with the help of even more great guys and gals at and And with the help of even more I will have her back on the road – even better than when she was new.

I was born in Rochester NY and moved to Dallas TX when I was 6 when my father was transferred by Xerox. 5 years later he was laid off and we moved to San Antonio because he got a job offer there. That didn’t turn out to be as “permanent” as he thought so back to DFW we went when my mom got a job working for a worker’s comp insurance office that handled the claims for many of the towns in TX. That’s where I lived until 2000 when I met someone online and was in such a hurry to get “away” that I moved to NH without ever even meeting her. I lived there for another 5 years until I met Aimee. This time we both made sure that it was right and I finally moved to North Dakota, where I am now.

She has 4 kids ages 10 to 18 who, even though we aren’t married (yet) I still call them my step kids. Aimee works in the dietary section of the local senior care center and I’m now working as a process mechanic for a small factory that makes plastic bottles for pharmaceuticals and other similar products. I’m working 2nd shift right now, which is hard, mainly because it means I don’t get to see Aimee or the kids as much as I’d like.

I’ve done a lot of different things for a living. Ran Xerox and printing machinery, residential construction/low voltage electrical installations, ATM installation and repair, food service and even worked in a couple floral shops – as everything from a delivery driver to a floral designer.

For fun I enjoy building cars (when finances allow), watching drag racing and NASCAR (in person if possible ;) ), watching science fiction (I especially like movies and shows based on Marvel and DC superheroes, even cartoons :P ), playing and working on the computer, long walks on the beach and quiet evenings at home …… oh wait, wrong forum. :x ;) :P

Most of all I just like having fun!!!

My first car

1974 Datsun B210

Car I wish I still had

All my old F, G and A bodies

My dream car

The one I'm building. ;)

Car clubs I’m in

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