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I randomly found this website one day and started searching, I liked what I saw and decided to join. I'm basicly your typical high school student searching for his first car. I plan on making as much money as I can starting this Spring and working through the Summer to help me get my first car...........I have seen ALOT of nicely priced, decent condition cars on here, and if at all possible I'm looking to buy, or reserve one if it's out of my current price range...........I've seen alot of cars that I wouldn't mind buying and restoring, old Monte Carlos, Camaros, but the main car that I'm looking for is a Trans Am. By which I mean...70's, early 80's, preferably with a manual transmission and a nice sized engine in it. A nice paint/interior job would be nice, but I'm willing to look past that and just modify those myself.....So if you have, or know of someone who is looking to sell an old muscle car for a reasonable price, you can message or E-mail me anytime.

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Lamborghini, Viper, Ferrari, all that stuff.


  • Type of racing: Rally
  • Driving song: Fuel
  • Car movie: Death Race, Death Proof, Dukes of Hazzard (Of course)
  • Car magazine: Hot Rod, Muscle
  • Car game: Video game - Flatout Real life - fun race

— Profile last updated: Mar 13, 2009