Cars Profile

My first car

It's true what they said..years down the road you'll wish you never gave up your first car..or something like that. It was a beretta. A good car besides the fact that a cop had to escort me hope one day b/c my car died on

Car I wish I still had

The B*tch..(my truck) she was a 1988 chevy truck which is sitting at my parents with no motor, my first car, and the T-bird which dad has now so I get to drive her when I go home and dad isn't working.

My dream car

The ultimate Mustang, it hasn't been built so only I know what it looks like. But I would settle for a Mustang Cobra or Saleen or Mach 1...ok almost any Mustang because I've loved them since I was 5.


  • Type of racing: NHRA Drag Racing, Nascar, and Hobby stock
  • Driver: Dave Grubnic aka Aussie Dave, Carl Edwards, and Brian Cudly
  • Driving song: The daddy took the T-bird B/c I got my T-bird taken away once and my friends would not stop singing that song until I got my car back.
  • Car book: a manual comes in handy so I like those prob since my car doesn't have one!!
  • Car game: Tag with tennis balls and hide & seek which sucks now cuz of gas prices

— Profile last updated: Jun 4, 2010