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About me and my passion for cars

Since I can remember I have always loved cars.
All types. I have owned more cars than I can recall. I have owned cars since I was 12 years old. Fords, Chevys, Plymouth, Austin Healy, MGB, Peugeot, Toyota, Super Coupes, Collector cars Ford LS Bill Elliot Edition, and more to many to mention.

My first car

Ford 1949 6 cylinder Flathead! Great car!!!
It was my first car I rebuilt the engine on. I drove it 1 or 2 miles and it blew up! I re-built it because it cost me $15 dollars for the car and 50 to rebuild the engine. I drove it at night only with the light off I was to young to drive. IT was taken away once I got caught driving it without lights and got a couple of tickets. My parents took it away from me, so I would swipe my fathers keys to his 1956 buick and completed my own driving school. I used to have to push this huge car a half a block so my father could not hear me start the car and go to my girl friends and go parking. We got caught. We elopped after AIT while in the service. Since then I owned a few diffrent cars Thunderbird Super Coupes, Jeep Grand Cherokee, Building a Super Coupe to run at the Boneville Salt Flats going to attempt to brake land speed record for the Thunderbird Super Coupe Land speed record! 214 Miles per hour in 5 milemile distance this will not be easy but it will be possibly my last hurrah!
More to come later on. Stay tuned....

Car I wish I still had

1967 Corvette 427 Tri-Power 435 HP Marina Blue 4 speed Munsie 4 speed transmission convetible 8 track tape player AM and FM radio great stero system even in 1967
no A/C scary fast. Paid $2700.00 in 1968 Parents traded in while in the military. They bought me a Peugeot 404 I went into a deep depression ever since. Corvette now owned by a guy in New york and is selling it for
$115,000.00 ( Thousand Dollars! )The
last time I checked. Car has it's own trophy room. I still can't beleive they tradedthat car in for a Peugeot. I thought it was a prank they had pulled on me!!! I woke up and still had the Peugeot. I was not having a nightmareIt was real! This had actually happened I just could not believe it.Someday I will get that car back. I spend a buck a week to see if I can win the Florida Lotto! Someday I will get that car back or a clone of it! Maybe It will have litter of new Corvettes and I can get one like it again. I am getting pretty old I better hurry !!! I love my Thunderbird Super Coupe...It worth one of the tires of that 1967 Corvette but I loveit just as much!!! Maybe It will become a classic before I croak!

My dream car

1967 Corvette Marina Blue 427/435 horse power
Convertible or Sting ray 4 speed Muncie same as the one my parents traded in while in the service. Maybe a Z06 2007 Corvette might help 6 speed 505 Hp Black
If I win the Lotto! Or a Lamborghini Murcielago!!! Or the Austin Martin. I will take the Z06 over all of them!

Car clubs I’m in

SCCoA, SVToA, Corvette National Museum,Plus I am a Legionare for life and I am a Red Cross Expert in Disasters Services. I am a High performace Ford Super Coupe and Corvette Vendor for other cars and trucks as well.


  • Type of racing: !/4 Mile and Now going to try speed trials
  • Driver: Me and my Maker
  • Driving song: Spinningwheels by Blood Sweat and tears!
  • Car movie: Bullet With Steve MC Qween ( Died to Young)
  • Car book: The Betsy
  • Car magazine: Muscle cars Ford enthusiast and Corvette Muscle Cars, Fast Ford Enthusiast, All Corvette Magazines books eveything about Corvettes and Camaros or Monte Carlos
  • Car game: Take a test drive at a dealership and go like Hell!

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