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About me and my passion for cars

I have always had a passion for my vehicles, even before I could drive...Before cars I had the coveted cool Sting-Ray Bicycle, a boy's bike, metallic blue with a white banana seat and very tall sissy bar. I paid $110.00 when it was brand new (about 1965 I think) Grandpa said he would pay for 1/2 and I raised the rest of the money doing odd jobs and babysitting. Learned to drive at 11 years old. By 13 I was driving the intoxicated locals..that shouldn't have been behind the wheel. No, my parents didn't know. The available car then was usually a '56 Chevy wagon. In high school my 1st car was a '63 Impala, as mentioned previously. Then a Yellow 1970 VW Bug for a long time, that I later painted a deep burgundy, it had handcrafted ( by my boyfriend) white spoke wheels. Next a 1979 Datsun 280ZX. Then I had a son, and got a Mommy car, an '85 VW Golf (pos). Next a red '90 Jeep Cherokee. And after a emerald green '98 Jeep Cherokee. Then/now my everyday and still fav '93 Chevy Blazer (full size) 4x4.

My first car

1963 Chevy Impala. Anniversary Gold with black interior. 283 with 327 heads.

Car I wish I still had

My '63 Impala.

My dream car

I seem to attach very easily to whatever car(s) I own, so whatever I'm driving is my dream. I am definitely a Chevy person. Except...I think I wouldn't mind having a '34 Ford... I remember laying in the back window of my Mom's when I was very small. Good memories! Or maybe a 55/56 Buick Roadmaster Yellow/Green like one of my great Aunts had - awesome car!


  • Type of racing: NASCAR, Sprints, flat track dirt bike
  • Driver: Me
  • Driving song: Drivin my life away, Radar Love, I drove all night

— Profile last updated: Jun 3, 2011