Cars Profile

My first car

An early '50s MG TD that had a "slight" oil problem. Of course, going over a "bump" on one of our local parkways at around 75 mph and having the rear driver side wheel come flying off sorta made the memory of the car stand out. Yeah, I continued driving, saw the wheel go by me and wondered... "What idiot just lost his wheel ?"

Car I wish I still had

It's a toss up between a 1953 Corvette and an AC Bristol, the forerunner of the AC Cobra. Mine had the straight eight multi-side draft carb setup with RIGHT hand drive. Awesome machine.

My dream car

A really hard choice. The 1955 Mercedes Benz but my problem is: I LOVE convertables BUT really go for the GullWing doors on the coupe.

Car clubs I’m in

Buick Club of America - The Grand National
Upstate New York Buick Club
Dutchess Corvettes - for the modified C-4
SilverFox Cruise Club
Pt Cruiser CLub - for the MODIFIED Pt + Trailer


  • Type of racing: Autocrossing and Road Rallys
  • Driver: Sterling Moss
  • Driving song: Sorry but I must leave cars and go with Bob Seegers "Fire Lake"
  • Car movie: Hollywood Knights
  • Car magazine: AutoWeek

— Profile last updated: Jun 6, 2007