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About me and my passion for cars

Cars and auto work have been a huge part of my family since I was itty bitty. My parents fixed cars instead of selling them and buying new ones. So instead of purchasing a $20,000 new car, they just bought $20,000 worth of tools and fixed what we had.

My dad bought a '70 Mach I Mustang and as soon as he started tearing the engine down to rebuild it, my mom started tinkering with it too. Fast forward several years and mechanical certifications later, my mom also helped rebuild the engine and tranny in her '77 Malibu Classic station wagon.

I guess to sum it up, it's a bit awkward to come home after school to an oven full of exhaust manifolds for a 351 Cleveland V8, rather than, say, cookies. But that's just how it went in our house.

My first car

A '78 Pontiac Bonneville. Was my grandma's and very big. Not huge! Just big.

Car I wish I still had

The aforementioned '78 Bonneville.

My dream car

An early 70s Plymouth station wagon, and about $20k to dump into it and have it customized. Station wagons rock!


  • Driving song: "Mob Goes Wild" by Clutch
  • Car movie: Blues Brothers (gratuitous cop chase)
  • Car game: Driver for PS1

— Profile last updated: May 22, 2015