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About me and my passion for cars

I have had a passion since I can say wheels. I got my 1986 Recaro Edition TA in 1986 and it has been love for the passed 22 years. It had underwent a few make over and topped out in 1997 when I won Grand Champion at the trans am nationals in Ohio. This project now went from dec 2002 to jan 2004. I fell in love with the legendary 1977 Black and
Gold Special Edition Firebird Trans Am made famous in the Burt Reynolds movie
Smokey and the Bandit. I was no exception at age fourteen but it would be ten years
before I could purchase my own brand new 1986 Recaro edition Trans Am WS6, a car
I still own today. Like many high-performance car owners, I soon began customizing
mys prized F-body Pontiac and I would continue light modifications for years to come.
Just five years later in 1991, I suffered a crippling back injury with severe nerve damage
to my lower extremities which required two surgeries lasting fifteen hours. The doctors
fused my lower back with titanium and removed the C-6 from his neck. Ie had two
more surgeries on my right foot for drop foot even though both feet were affected. As a
result, I was 90% crippled and certainly wheelchair bound but a positive attitude and
dedication to my pwn physical therapy and maintained 5 days a week in the gym kept me out of the chair.
I have Chronic pain from a fused back that does not bend and the permanent drop foot condition
requires that he walk with a cane more times then not. For the love of my Trans am and to stay busy, I continued
modifications until August of 1997 when I won Grand Champion honors at the Trans
Am Nationals in Dayton Ohio.
Always A Firebird enthusiast,I purchased a new black Ram Air Trans Am in 1998 and
a white 30th Anniversary Ram Air Trans Am just one year later in 1999. His Bird nest
now included three thoroughbred Pontiacs, but the ‘86 was still the love of his life.
Despite a room full of trophies and three beautiful Firebirds in the garage, I dreamed
of building a show car that would be a magnet for enthusiasts, kids, photo bugs and even
magazine editors. In December of 2002, I began to turn that dream into reality with a
total rebuild of my 1986 Trans Am that would require 1000 labor hours and take until
January of 2004. The black ‘98 Trans Am and the white ‘99 30th Anniversary Trans Am
were sold to buy a new truck and trailer for my 86 TA. While Mr. I did most of the
disassembly and reassembly myself and rewired most of the car myself and made the dash bezzel, I was unable to create his dream without the help
of three friends who specialized in custom paint work, custom engine building, and
custom metal fabricating.
The result was a creation named Tunnelvision that drew an immediate crowd and jaw
dropping reaction from everyone within eyesight. Imagine a car that changes five
different colors as you walk around and view it from different angles. That is the wonder
of a paint job with Dupont Chromalusion paint which costs almost 1000.00 per quart. Custom
airbrush work includes a huge aggressive Eagle on the hood with talons that appear to rip
holes in the hood and pontiac emblyms on the sail panels that flip 10 different colors depending on light. The Eagle talons hold Chromalusion paint chips that also flip up to 10 different colors as well.
The current engine is a 410 horsepower 350 cubic inch Chevy motor with tunnel rammed
intake. A triple plated chrome air scoop bulges through the hood and sits atop a pair of
24 carat gold plated carburetors. Wheels are billet aluminum 18 x 9.5 in the rear and 18
x 8 up front. A replica of the rims was cut from polished billet aluminum and fabricated
into a matching steering wheel. Other twenty-four carat plated parts include valve
covers, intake bolts, air scoop screen, starter, fan cage, front sway bar, hood struts, most
nuts, bolts, and screws. Triple chrome plated parts include throttle linkage, both oil pans,
radiator hoses, thermostat housing, hood hinges, and many smaller parts.
Now that his seven year dream was complete, all was right with the world until
Tunnelvision was in the wrong place at the wrong time. On a beautiful fall day in
September of 2004, Eddie had just finished a car show. He was driving through a
parking lot when a 2004 Chevy Avalanche came out of nowhere and hit Tunnelvision
broadside on the driver side. Although Iescaped without injury I was in shock and severe depression, my dream car
was suddenly a nightmare wreck. It would take 6 months and $23,000 to reconstruct the
dream. This was now more than a one man show and required serious body work at a
specialty Firebird restoration shop in Scranton, PA .I made it a nastyer looking street machine with
More custom
paint, more chrome, more 24 carat gold, bigger tires and rims, A very NASTY EAGLE ON THE HOOD different sail panel murals all my design. After this rebuild from my accident it is now named Goldzilla!!! It has taken me twenty-two years
and $100,000 to create this one of a kind Firebird Trans Am THAT I LOVE WITH MY HEART AND LIFE!!! IT IS NOT AN OPEN CHECK BOOK CAR DROPPED OFF AND PICKED UP WHEN BUILT and I drive it too. I designed it in my mind and did a majority of the work myself.

Car I wish I still had

my 98 black ram air 6 spoeed and my 99 30th anniv. number 0069, It was a trade off but selling them gave me the money for my 2008 gmc sierra slt crewcab doolie duramax loaded and an awesome 26 ft enclosed trailer I had built to my specs.

My dream car

I got my dream car it is what my mind and two hands have designed and built

Car clubs I’m in

firebird Nation of North America and also Charter Oaks birds

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