Cars Profile

My first car

1984-6ish Plymouth Sapparo, paid $400.00 for the car, and spent $$$$$ gettting that stupid carb re-worked over and over again.

Car I wish I still had

1986 -1987 Chevrolet Monte Carlo SS ( Canadian Model )
1966 Chevrolet P/Up
1976 Olds Cutlass Supreme

My dream car

1965 Pontiac Bonneville
1986 Monte Carlo "SS" the way I think GM should of Built the Monte :)
1970 Monte Carlo SS... BB All Stock

Car clubs I’m in

Come see me at my "MYSPACE" love to meet other Car Junkies!!


  • Type of racing: Drag Racing, Nascar
  • Driver: To many to list
  • Driving song: Fast and Heavy
  • Car movie: Cars lol
  • Car book: How to Fix Ron White
  • Car magazine: alot
  • Car game: Grand Theft Auto

Bikes Profile

My first bike

1984 Honda Magna, bought this bike for $300.00, used it for training wheels, then sold it once I learned how to ride.

Bike I still wish I had

None LOL

My dream bike

Hmmmmm, I can't think of the name rite now and too lazy to hunt for's a Harley

Boats Profile

My first boat

Blow up Raft...
Some Coral In Hawaii Popped it

My dream boat

One that doesn't cost a fortune to own and up keep.

Planes Profile

My first plane

It cost me .99 cents, made of wood and had a rubber it behind Walmart and it landed on the roof of no return :( boooohoooo

Plane I wish I still had

Read My 1st Plane

My dream plane

I'm not into planes

My certifications

Passenger, window seat, Smoking section please

Where I got my certifications

At the Airport hehehehee

Plane clubs I’m in

Just Kidden.


  • Pilot: Me
  • Airport: El Toro California, to Honolulu Hawaii
  • Flying destination: Say honolulu real fast
  • Flight simulator: I suck at video games
  • Aviation magazine: Car Craft, how to built Jet Engines

— Profile last updated: Aug 3, 2008