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The "Car" is a "Common Bond" and "Common Link" for everyone worldwide:

The Xtreme Cars and Stars Resort is a unique car-automotive theme luxury destination resort brand that offers exciting new entertainment venues and innovative educational experiences for all ages which will create a worldwide economic impact to the future growth of that state or country. This luxury resort is where everyone can share their common bonding car experiences which will create a strong passionate element about how unique the Xtreme Cars and Stars Resort is by sharing worldwide experiences and stories everyday. Site locations are being negotiated for North America, Europe, Asia and U.A.E.

Mr. Fleming's goal, vision, mission, business plan and development teams has completed due diligence at all levels which has strategically positioned the Xtreme Cars and Stars Resort focus impact as being the number (#1) one resort brand worldwide. Currently, several celebrities are attached to the luxury master plan resort along with key racecar personalities. Part of the demographic market segments include, Formula One, NASCAR, Open Wheel, Indy Car, Lemans, Champ Car, Formula BMW, Moto GP, Drag Racing and Carting. The resort's macro economics is mass market appeal worldwide.

The Xtreme Cars and Stars Resort Master Plan modules includes Xtreme Cars and Stars Hotel, Xtreme "Car- Condo" Tower Units, Xtreme Timeshare Tower Units, Xtreme "Condo Green" Tower Units, Xtreme Racecar Storage, Xtreme Race Test Track, Carting Race Track, Health Spa Athletic Tennis Club and PGA Golf Course, Xtreme Convention Center, Shopping Mall, Medical Facilities, Technology Center, Global Design Green Tech Institute, Family Fitness Centers and the MDF Celebrity Racing Academy.

We are currently offering the following opportunities: Licensing, Investments, Joint Venture Partnerships, Memberships, VIP Reservations and Sponsorships.

Mr. Fleming's Xtreme Cars and Stars Destination Resort master plan will feature the "Global Design Green Tech Institute" which will offer new educational programs; degrees, scholarships and cross-training. Further career and advanced opportunities provided in these following industries: automotive, renewable energy, flex fuels, manufacturing, IT-technologies, medical research, sports cross-training and racing. Currently, Mr. Fleming has an offer from a top ten design school requesting to be part of the Phase I build out master plan.

The Xtreme Cars and Stars Destination Resort: luxury green master plan impact factors will create over

3000 new jobs opportunities increasing tourism and business trade on a mass market scale. Educating our future generation youths of green life style choices and stimulate the economy worldwide.

Xtreme Cars and Stars Resort is a key investment for our global economy going green now.

— Profile last updated: May 1, 2013