Cars Profile

About me and my passion for cars

When I was a kid, Dad used to take me to car shows, where my love for muscle cars began. My Grand Dad owned the best paint & bodyshop in Guadalajara, so as you can imagine, I´ve got high-octane fuel running through my veins!

I work as a radio host & producer in a radio broadcast station, I´m also the bartender/owner of the General Lee, a Rock/Country Bar in Ajijic... So, if you ever come in here, please pay us a visit, you´ll be welcome!

My first car

A 1991 Sentra Coupé

Car I wish I still had

The Clockwork Orange

My dream car

A 1970 Orange Convertible Judge GTO


  • Type of racing: 1/4 mile
  • Driver: Carrol Shelby
  • Driving song: Driver´s Seat
  • Car movie: Smokie & The Bandit
  • Car magazine: Auto Trader Classic, Baja Auto Trader

— Profile last updated: Feb 8, 2009