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About me and my passion for cars

My passion for cars started at a young age, with the purcahse of the dune buggy, I was 6. My dad loves cars and therefore we've owned and worked on a lot of them together. We've had everything form a reamake of a 1901 curve dash Olds to a 1965 four door Chevrolet Impala. All of them are nice and are all unique in there own way. Its odd when you look at cars from different decades and how much they change. I think by now we have owned a car from every decade minus maybe the teens. But they are all so cool and fun to work on and ride. Cars are a wonderful thing and it is a shame to see all of the great American car companies being bought out by and produced by foreign countries.

My first car

My first car is still not currently running but my Grandfather bought it for me when I was 8 years old so its there more as a significance than an actual car. It is a 1973 VW Thing. Ever heard of it? I have a lot of people ask me if thats really what it is called or if I just do not know the real name of it. It gets anoying.

Car I wish I still had

Its not my car but my dad had a Dune Buggy and it was the coolest car we've ever owned. He sold it last summer for 4000 dollars, i think he could have gotten more but not selling it at all was my preference.

My dream car

My dream car is the Bugatti Veyron. They now cost over 1 million dollars so owning one is not very likely. Its kind of like house or two or fastest car in the world. I'll take the house and a half decent car.

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  • Driver: Myself of course
  • Car movie: Italian Job
  • Car magazine: DUB
  • Car game: Need for speed: all of them are good

— Profile last updated: Feb 24, 2008