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M –79
Lincoln, Nebraska
United States


Cars Profile

About me and my passion for cars

I've been a car guy for probably 60 years now. I've had several cars that I can kick myself for not keeping. Like the '40 Ford that I was the 3rd owner and that had the original paint still. Or the '50 Ford that was moderately customized. Or the '56 Ford Vic. And then there was the '60 Dodge Dart ex-state patroller with HP383 that I raced in the early 60's and drove daily between weekends. Even though it was used daily I still managed to win the weekend races. This was when drag racing was for the fun of it. All you got was your time slip and maybe a cheap trophy, and the starter was a flagman. There was a couple of other vehicles I wish I still had, the '68 Dodge Camper Special D200, 318 2bbl with Spicer 4:10 gears that pulled a 35' 5th wheel 5000 miles around the easter half of the US and managed to get 8.5mpg and was able to pass semi's in the Virginia mountains. One other car was the '74 Cadillac Sedan Deville (472ci), that manuvered like a tank in city traffic or when parking9 needed 2 paralell spots) but rode like an oceanliner on the highway( you couldn't feel any rough spots in the road). Just wasn't very good on mileage(of course we weren't paying $3+ /gal then).Now my daily driver is a 2003 Jaguar X-Type that's a great little car. Has a top end of 103+ and stick to the road like glue in the winter cause it's AWD. I also still have my 1964 Triumph Bonneville T120R motorcycle that I bought new in Atlanta, GA.

My first car

'41 Plymouth 4dr Deluxe

Car I wish I still had

'50 Merc, chopped and lower Lead Sled with flathead. Tuck and roll interior.

My dream car

Jag XK120MC (but I'll have to settle for the 2003 X-Type I'm driving now. British Racing Green, AWD fully equiped).


  • Type of racing: Heads Up Drag Racing(Not Bracket)
  • Driver: King Richard
  • Driving song: Little Old Lady from Pasadena
  • Car movie: Thunder Road

Bikes Profile

About me and my passion for bikes

The 125cc Koken I bought when I was in Japan in 1957. I had a ball riding around the country side and enjoying the scenery. The 1932 Indian I also bought while I was in Japan that was in 1958. It had been in Japay since 1936. I could really kick myself for not trying harder to bring it home when I returned to the states (there was a problem with no valid paperwork). My 1964 Bonneville I bought new in Atlanta, GA. The longest oneway trip I've done on it was from Lincoln to Dallas but I've done several trips to Kansas City and I've ridden it in GA (of course) California and of course Nebraska.

My first bike

125cc Koken. Japanese 2 stroke

Bike I still wish I had

1932 Indian Chief, 4cyl inline.

My dream bike

1964 Triumph Bonneville T120R. The bike I have now which I bought new.


  • Type of racing: flat track

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