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About me and my passion for cars

I'm 28 have a little boy Kaden who is 4, a baby girl Annabel Lee who was just born 9-21-2011 and a beautiful fiance' Laura, we live in a city with about 150,000 people and most of us here are car lovers and enthusiasts of some kind, we have car shows every weekend that we love going to when I'm not in the garage wrenching on this thing. I've loved cars my whole life and Mustangs since I was 19 and bought my first one. Lost my DL for 7 years for having a lead foot and just got it back a year ago so I've learned to wisen up but sometimes its hard not to bust loose the tires on the new car when my son says "Hit it DAD" lol. I don't speed with him in the car but I'll rap her to 40 in a blink for him. He loves it. I built this car to meet good people and introduce my kids to the world off car shows and what fun they can bring to a child, my dad took me to tons of car shows and I loved every second of hearing him talk about the good ol days of his automotive experiences, I owe everything I know to him he taught me alot and his knowledge about cars grew as I grew from old school carburated cars to my Mustangs with fuel injected 302s and hopped up engines. Since then my father and I don't really get to do alot since him and my mom divorced last summer, I did buy their house, and got to keep wrenching in the same three car garage I learned about cars in and every once in a while he comes down, then I drag him down to help me do stuff I couldn't do myself. Last thing we did was put a SN-95 rearend in the car. My son is the future owner of this car if he goes onto college and that is a main reason I built it, so he had incentive to go onto higher learning, him and I put in wrench time together and he even stands at my tool box pulling out tools and saying what they are. I love my family and Fox Body mustangs and enjoy working on the house and Stang with them. It is what life is truly about, family, and everything else comes second. Love you babies!

My first car

1978 Buick Regal 305ci, 350turbo automatic, smoked like hell from having bad valve guides but damn I miss it lol.

Car I wish I still had

My first mustang a Green 1993 Mustang 5.0 convertible, 302 motor, Nascar 5 speed trans, Full race suspension,Long tube headers, H pipe, Flowmasters, Chrome Cobra R wheels, Black top and perfect Grey interior It was a beast and I'll always miss it.

My dream car

I own it right now.

Car clubs I’m in

None, no help from anyone on this baby.


  • Type of racing: NMRA Drag Racing
  • Driver: Mike Murrilo
  • Driving song: Seeing Red
  • Car movie: Gone in 60 seconds, then the origional The Fast and the Furious
  • Car book: Building High Performance Fords on a budget
  • Car magazine: WAS 5.0 Mustang and Fast Fords, Now it's internet reading for me since they went from 5.0 to 05 lol
  • Car game: Catch me if you can.

— Profile last updated: Oct 26, 2011