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About me and my passion for cars

I've been into old car's my whole life. My dad has a 55 Chevy Bel Air that he's had since 1965, and we used to take long trips in it every summer. I used to love riding in it, I have great memories of cruising with my dad when I was young. I've always loved the 5-6-7 Chevy's, having grown up around them (I could probably answer any question about them -- I even know where the gas filler is in a 56 Chevy), but always had a particular love for the first generation Camaro's. Whenever I'd look through my dad's car magazines when I was a kid and see one, I knew that I had to have one one day. Then when I was old enough, and had enough money to buy one, my dream came true. My dad knew of a 67 through a friend of a friend that was for sale. So, $5000 later I was the proud owner of 67 SS. My dad and I spent the next year and half bringing it to life, and have gone to cruises and car shows together ever since. I love the feeling you get when you drive a car that you built with your own sweat and blood, you feel extra proud when you see peoples' jaws dropping and giving you thumbs up.
The work I enjoy doing the most is paint and body work. And I love painting flames. I've been drawing flames since I was 5 years old when I would draw little pictures of hot rods. I even painted flames on my 94 Suzuki Swift just because I could.
Almost everything I know I learned from dad. I love working with my dad. I even have his picture tattooed on my arm along with his car, and my car.

My first car

67 Chevy Camaro

My dream car

My first car, which I currently still own, has always been my dream car.

Car clubs I’m in

Manitoba Camaro Club, Riff Raff


  • Type of racing: Drag
  • Driving song: Black Sunshine by White Zombie
  • Car magazine: Kar Kulture Deluxe

— Profile last updated: Aug 10, 2010