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About me and my passion for cars

I am just a simple, down to earth hillbilly. I know no stranger, and I refuse to look down my nose at anyone. I ain't no better than anybody, and ain't nobody better than me. I have had a passion for cars as long as I can remember. Aways hanging around my dad, following him everywhere he went. I guess I'm a bit of a tomboy, never have been afraid of getting dirty. I also served 4yrs. active duty in the US ARMY stationed at Ft. Campbell KY the whole time with the exception of basic training and job training (AIT). Me and my husband Mike are really enjoying our Trans Am. We take it to shows and every now and then the drag strip (can't take it to much, gas is to high). My husband has taught me alot of things about cars, but I still have alot more to learn. I have prob. learned more about my T/A than I have any of my other cars. I know she is supppose to have a 305hp engine, but when we put it on the dyno she was pulling 298hp at the rear. I think she might have a little more than 305hp. And this was before the flowmaster exhaust kit and SLP cold air induction kit. But like I said I still have alot to learn.

My first car

My 1st car was an 88 Chevy Berretta w/ a 2.8 liter V6. It was white w/ red interior and had all digital gauges (that's what I liked best about it). Unfortunately about nine months later the brakes failed on me and I wound up slamming it thru a telephone pole and rolling it a couple of times, ending up belly up. Surprisingly I just had minor scratches from all the flying glass. No sprains, strains, broken bones, or cuts that needed stitches (yes I was wearing my seatbelt, it and the hand of God saved my life). The car however didn't do so well, TOTALED! I do still miss it.

Car I wish I still had

Even though I am now a die hard f-bodie fan, I still wish I had my 94 Ford Thunderbird. It was blue that sometimes looked green at night, it had a 3.8 liter V6 (2nd V6 car i've owned). It had alot of power for a V6, I squeeled the tires several times on take off. lol. It was also so comfortable to ride in and had anawsome stereo for being stock. The fate of this one was caused by a piston arm going thru the oil pan (OUCH!). Me and my husband didn't have the money to get it back on the road. O f course it would've had a longer life if the previous owner had taken care of it. (I can't stress enough how important it is to do preventive maintenance on your veh. i.e. oil changes, plugs, wires, and so on.) It was a good car while we had her, she is still missed.

My dream car

I already have my dream car, a 99 Pontiac Trans Am. I used to think it was a Mustang but after getting turned down so many times at the dealership it made me wonder. Then in spring of 2003 my husband spotted a white 99 Trans Am at a Nissan dealership. We went in looked a tthe car applied for a loan and 2 days later she was ours! I know this is my dream car because not to long ago my mom was telling me that when she first found out she was pregnant with me her and my dad went out to watch a movie to celebrate. They watched Smokie and the Bandit. So I then understood that it was meant for me to own a Trans Am. May not be like the one that was in the movies, but it is a Trans Am just the same, and I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world! now it has changed a little, it's now my 2001 T/A mixed in with my '99 :)

Car clubs I’m in

Firebird Nation Car Club, TN Chapter
East Tennessee F-Body club


  • Type of racing: drag & nascar
  • Driver: Kasey Kahne
  • Driving song: back in black by AC/DC, just for dragonbird :)
  • Car movie: Smokey and The Bandit!
  • Car book: my book about all firebirds 1967-2002
  • Car magazine: Street Thunder
  • Car game: All the Need For Speed games

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