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About me and my passion for cars

i love muscle cars , all types , but am passionate about my pontiacs ! i love all firebirds and trans am cars from 1967 to 1981 , i own about 25 of them , some are parts cars but the rest are great drivers , i love to build them and sell them , but my full time job gets in the way alot , but when i have time , you will find me in my shop working on them !

My first car

my first car was a 1969 chevy swb 3 on the tree pickup truck that my mom gave me when i was 8 , i used it on the farm outside of amarillo tx to check cows feed horses and service well motors , my mom died a month before my 10th birthday and through family greed i lost my truck and everything else that i cared for .

Car I wish I still had

when i turned 14 i was working for a man in dumas texas who was a brick layer , i would meet him at his house at 6:00 for work everyday , one day when i showed up he told me we weren't working because he had to go pick up his car that had broke down the night before , so i asked to go with him to help . when we got to the car , (i had never seen it before this morning as he kept it in the locked garage ) well my heart lept! he had cursed this car all the way to it , the car had left him stranded several times and he had already said he was getting rid of it whenever he got it running again , the car was a 1967 convertable firebird 400 , solar red with white interior , a really clean and sharp car ! well we loaded the car and on the way back home , i asked if he would sell me the car , by the time we made it back to dumas we had come to an agreement , $1000.00 and it was mine , i had saved my money so i just happened to have the cash , i told him that i would fix the car myself ! after pittling on it for 3 days i discovered what had put him to walking several times a wire to the starter was loose so it would start sometimes and others it would not , i kept the car for a few years and my brother and i joined the gaurd together , when we got back from basic i had to go to dallas to work on some apts on buckner blvd , so i left the car in my brothers care , when i got home to my horror , my brother had traded it for a piece of junk gmc truck to work out of , times were hard for the both of us and we were just trying to make it , but i miss that car to this day it was the sweetest car i have ever owned !

My dream car

i have to say the 1967 firebird 400 convertable is still my dream car to this day , i have a 1968 solar red with white interior , but it is just not the same , and finding what want at an affordable price will probably never happen , so i guess i will just keep on dreaming !

Car clubs I’m in

i am not in a car club , but i do have alot of car guy friends , that get together from time to time for a day cruise


  • Type of racing: nascar
  • Driver: all
  • Driving song: hot rod linclon
  • Car movie: smokey and the bandit 1
  • Car book: pontiac muscle cars 1960-1980
  • Car magazine: hot rod
  • Car game: ?

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