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About me and my passion for cars

Cars have been part of my life ever since I can remember. My father had at least 4-5 nice ones at any given time: Audi, Porsche, Volkswagen, Saab. He was into foreign cars primarily. As a young child, I would sneak into the garage and pretend to drive my favorites. I guess the '69 Porsche 911 was my all-time favorite. Beautiful red, black leather interior, LOW mileage, cherry. He bought it new and it was his first baby! I think I may have actually shed a tear when she was sold. I believe I was about 18! Shocking I never got caught during any of my REAL joyrides with those cars..haha..
My husband and I have counted how many cars we have owned in 14 years together. There have been about 18 (more?) I guess. I still consider us somewhat YOUNG, and that just seems like quite a few. Among my favorites: 1998 Volkswagen Passat (our first together), a brand new beauty of a silver Lancer, a few pretty nice mustangs (new and old), a convertible1964 Falcon in white and (for some reason) my soccer mom (hardly), Chrysler Pacifica. She had really dark tint on her windows, was metallic black and had a dark interior. Plush, luxurious and stocked. Pretty different from what I had been used to and took a little time to like, but eventually, I did LOVE that car. We were just leasing her because she would have cost us an arm and a leg to buy, so after 17 mo, we had to say goodbye. She had a lot of presence and unspoken power ....but nothing compared to what I have now! Now the power and the presence just about blows my mind!

My first car

A 1987 cherry red Honda Hatchback. Looked VERY similar to what I am driving now, but that's where the similarities end. She was a slow little bugger, but reliable. I thrashed her to the ground though! Sad.

Car I wish I still had

Our Volkswagen Passat was really fun to drive and our first car purchased together.
We also had a brand new V8 99 Mustang in white..would like to have her back. My husband has a similar car (well, it's also white..haha), but so much faster that I guess they aren't even on the same radar

My dream car

Haven't found it yet.

Car clubs I’m in

Fierce Mustangs and Fords


  • Driving song: Anything by Linkin Park

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