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F –23
Omaha, Nebraska
United States


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About me and my passion for cars

Yes, being a girl and loving cars is kind of odd. My mom certainly wishes I would be into the "normal" things girls my age are into like shopping and going to movies. I would rather hit a concert or a car show. You're probably asking who got me into not my dad (my mother is a single-mother), not my uncle nor my grandpa..just my own interest. Reading and learning about cars is fun to me, something that takes my mind off stuff, there is always something to learn.

My first car

I have a 1973 bay window VW bus. She sat out in a field in Iowa for 16 years after the owner was paralized do to a tractor accident. I saved her and am 4k into fixing her up.

Car I wish I still had

I had the chance to own a '59 Nash Metro....sadly for some STUPID reason I declined the offer from my grandpa and he ended up selling it. It was a fixer-uper but that's what I like. Too bad, I should've got that sucker.

My dream car

My dream car hmmmm.... I really like Chevy Corvairs...preferable a '62, my neighbor has a '65 Chevelle that I drool over so a Chevelle would be nice. Of course I LOVE VWs so I want a notchback, another bay once mine dies and a 412. What I REALLY want though would have to be a baby blue '57 Chevy Bel Air

Car clubs I’m in

Omaha VW club

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About me and my passion for bikes

I restore and collect old vintage bikes. i own about 13 ranging from a 1928 Schwinn to a 1972 European Hercules. I started restoring bikes 3 years ago when I was 13, it was a 1970 Huffy that I found in a dumpster. I learned all on my own (with a little help from YouTube). I'm working on 3 bikes right now for guys in my local VW club to match their cars. Soon my new project will be making a '69 Schwinn look like a VW bus to take to shows...kinda like American chopper but with bicycles.

— Profile last updated: May 30, 2013