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About me and my passion for cars

My passion for cars started when i was about 3years old i would always want to help my dad change the oil or work on one of his many toys, boats, bikes,cars you name it he's probably owned it once or twice. for about 10 years after that i lived with my mom and my passion for cars still lived on but i just never was abel to learn much until i met the man of my dreams.He helped me learn things and get hands on.I guesse it helps that he is the manager of a garage and im aloud in there. Now i have a 1992 Chevy Camaro 25 anniversry edition V6 that i bought from a friend of mine for a Grand, but for right now its out of comision because it needs some body work and its to cold to do it now.So for right now I am driving my babys baby a 1990 Ford Thunderbird SC 5spd leather interior power everything, the works its sick until last night when i was takeing a corner slide on ice and "!SMASH!" RIGHT INTO A TELEPHONE POLE but its ok i just need to replace the front bumper thats it nothing big. I must say this car is ****ing "built Ford Tough" like a rock forever.

My first car

my first car was given to me by my mother. Not to say her being the way she is got royaly riped off. it was a 1996 Chevy cavalier 2D coupe . it was ok at first then i met my bf and hes taught me everything i know. we put a short ram, rims, high proformance plugs wires, only use the best gas with additives always. the car was good for the money we put into it but i ended up giving it back to her because well things got rough at home so now its for sale if anybody would like to look at it.

Car I wish I still had

The car i wish i still had was the one that i was going to uy before i found out that it was a piece of shyt. it was my step mom's 1987 Fords Mustang Gt V8 5.0L convertible leather interior power everything.CANDY APPEL READ.do i have to say anymore a girls dream but when she wouldn't sell it to me my dreams were lost that car would have been sick thats all i have to say for now.

My dream car

A Ferrari, thats all I have to say about that I hope.

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