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Columbus, Georgia
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About me and my passion for cars

I'm Planning On Learning And Doing All The Repairing & Modified Work Myself Since On My Beretta I Love It!!!
Their Is Auto Salvage Yards Here But None With Any Beretta At All.
So, I Can't Go Salvage Any Parts Out Of Them.
Parts Like: The Bumper, The Center Console, The Dash or Just Dash-Pad Itself, Sun-Visors, Headliner or Carpet, The Trim or Weather Molding, I Can't Salvage A GTZ / Z26 Front Solid Grill To Swap The With Mine.
I Just Can't Afford To Buy Replacement Parts Online.
So I Began Reaching And Learning All I Can About The Beretta's And What People Have Done To Theirs To Modified Their Cars And Ideas And Became A Researcher Of New Ideas To Modified Things And Learn How To Repair Things Myself And Everything Became A Sort Of Passion Or Obsession You Might Say To Collect Parts & Ideas To Come Up With To Repair & Customize & Take Apart & Change Around In A Way So It Identified With Itself And So It Will Suit The Feel Of My Soul & Won't Have That Disrupted Driving Feel And So Me And My Body Will Be Able To Relax Inside It And Be Able To Feel Apart Of The Car And Not Have That Uncomfortable & Uptight & UN-Relax Feel Like Most Cars With An Oversize Steering Wheel & Seats That Are Not Really Support Of The Person Sitting In Them So I Guess My Passion Is Not For All Cars Just Some Mostly Mine & The Beretta's & Making Cars Conformable & UN-Uptight & Such Things

My first car

1991 Chevy Beretta Base Coupe 2.2L 4-Cyl Engine


  • Car movie: Christina

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