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About me and my passion for cars

I have owned many cars over the years, but I guess I really got my niche for classic muscle cars when they weren't classic at all. As my two boys reached their teenage years I begin to buy the cars I liked. Having a good job helped. I bought my farm in 1967 which had 4 large heated barns on it. These barns allowed me to store these beauties inside and keep them in good condition. I drive all my cars occasionally but as I have gotten older it seems to be less and less though. My oldest son and his boys come out often and help me keep them clean and shiny. Although this isn't the first time I have displayed many of them, They are STILL NOT FOR SALE Please do not harass me about this!

My first car

1936 Ford

Car I wish I still had

1936 Ford that was my first car

My dream car

Not braggig but at my age I own them

Car clubs I’m in


— Profile last updated: Mar 24, 2007