Cars Profile

About me and my passion for cars

Started when i bought a friends slightly modded 94 Talon DL..... takes up most of my life. whether its cars bikes go carts or my stock (for now)truck, i love racing!

My first car

Was the family pass me down- a 89 Chevy astro van!

Car I wish I still had

That Talon DL. as slow as it was. it was the beginnig, and so fun to autocross.

My dream car

Has always been a lambo. Since i first saw the countach in smokey and the bandit. or wait, was it cannonball run? I shifted to the diablo when it came out. and now the Murc has my complete obsession.


  • Type of racing: road racing
  • Driver: keiichi tsuchiya
  • Driving song: Techno/electronic
  • Car movie: initial D
  • Car book: Faster
  • Car magazine: Modified
  • Car game: initial D third stage

Bikes Profile

About me and my passion for bikes

ive been on them all. honda kaw, suz, yamaha and harly... there is just no feeling like it.
i might slow down eventually,.. but i wont stop riding.

My first bike

89 CBR 600

Bike I still wish I had

my 02 GSXR. the one i REALLY learned to ride on.

My dream bike

an Agusta MV senna.


  • Type of racing: road
  • Rider: the doctor
  • Riding song: techno
  • Bike book: twist of the wrist
  • Bike magazine: any Brit mag!
  • Bike game: havnt played playstations bike gran turismo yet

— Profile last updated: Jun 8, 2008