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About me and my passion for cars

I was born to know and love cars. My father was the local go-fast Ford guy in our area when he was a kid. I was always surrounded by car culture, stories about adventures in cars and spent many a Saturday night as a young kid at the local dirt tracks. Cars were always being worked on or discussed around the house. We didn't watch any other sport but auto racing. Daytona and Indy were my families Super Bowl and World Series. I read and still do read everything I can get my hand on about cars and automobilia. I have forgotten more than most people will ever know about cars. Fresh out of high school I found an old Charger that nobody wanted. I still have it and being a 71 model myself the car and I are emotionally and chronologically attached. I will always have it. Through college I drove a 65 Dodge Monaco every day (413 wedge). I played around with a Prelude Type SH and a little rocket of a Civic Hatch for a while. Then I found my mistress. My 96 Cobra Convertible in triple black. She has many go fast mods. After school I took a position as automotive and transportation historian at a major metropolitan history museum. Following that I worked in exotic car sales for several years before settling down with my wife who happens to love all of my cars. She even convinced my not to sell the Cobra when times were tough (what a gal). My father still has a 66 Charger and a 72 AMX go-pack. My true love is American Muscle with a severe Mopar fetish but I love all cars, all makes, all nationalities and every quirky niche within them.

My first car

1978 Plymouth Volarie

Car I wish I still had

1965 Ford Thunderbird and 1998 Honda Prelude SH.

My dream car

Only One?!? What day is it?

Car clubs I’m in

None, Lone Wolf


  • Type of racing: Drags, Formula One, Pre-1980 NASCAR, Street
  • Driver: Richard Petty, Cale Yarborough, Jackie Stewart, Fireball Roberts
  • Driving song: Highway Star-Deep Purple
  • Car movie: Lots...Vanishing Point, Am. Graffiti, Two Lane Blacktop, Dirty Mary-Crazy Larry
  • Car book: Christine
  • Car magazine: Hemmings Muscle Machines
  • Car game: Grand Turismo (all of them)

— Profile last updated: Jan 27, 2010