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Santa Paula, California
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About me and my passion for cars

It started in jr. high school. My girlfriends were all buying Tiger Beat and Teen Beat mags; I got a copy of, I believe, Hot Rod. They thought I was weird. But there was a yellow "American Graffitti" type car on the cover -- and that's been my fav bodystyle and another dream car. I dated guys sort of based on their cars... if it was cool, I wanted to ride in it! And if I could bat my eyes and pout just right, they'd let me drive it, if my short little legs could reach the pedals and push the clutch all the way in. Sometimes I could barely see over the steering wheel, but I never hit anything or crashed anyone's car, so I don't why they'd all act panic-y about my driving... geez!
Then in '88, my husband & I got our first Mustang GT 5spd. We owned 2 more after that, until we found the '97 Cobra; traded to the '01 Cobra, and now, it's the '07 GT500...

My first car

red 1961 VW. Drove it from 1968 to 1971.

Car I wish I still had

the Sunbeam Tiger Randy had when we started dating in 1973

My dream car

besides the one I'm driving? An original body-style Cobra... blue with white stripes...


  • Driving song: Sammy Hagar's "I Can't Drive 65" (newer than "55" version)
  • Car movie: Gone in 60 Seconds, remake w/Nicolas Cage

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