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About me and my passion for cars

I've always been into cars, when I was younger I'd rather play with Matchbox then Barbies. My family didn't really encourage being to cars until I joined Fusion. And it's always fun pulling in somewhere and everyone looks and says, is that a chick driving a 5 speed? :)

My first car

My first car was a 1992 Chevy Corsica that I beat up and loved to death, literally. I bought it at 79k miles for $1500 and 1.5 years later sold it at 99k for $500. I had so much fun in that car.
I then bought my old Taurus at 92k for $1200 and sold it a year later at 104k for $1100. That was a good car, never left me stranded, just wasn't any fun.
Then I bought my first Probe. I did a lot of work to that myself, replaced the front end on the drivers side, and it was my first 5 speed. Unfortunately, I crashed it into a telephone pole and it died a rather horrible death.
After the Probe died I bought a $500 truck, the 1988 Dakota. I used this to get me back and forth to school. I did end up putting about $500 into it, and replaced most of the front end, as well as the rear brakes. I only drove it a couple months and a few thousand miles, during which it never died on me, never broke down, not bad for being 20 years old. I sold that at 189000 miles for $900.
Now, for $300 and a lil bit for the engine swap I have Revival, also known as the Bitch, a 1993 MX-6 LS with the old Probe motor in it.

Car I wish I still had

I wish I could keep both a car and a truck. I don't know if I would've kept the Dodge, but if I can find another Dodge Dak that's a 5 speed for cheap I'm def gonna try and get it. Having two vehicles is def nice, specially when you're working on one.

My dream car

A 1997 Ford Probe GTS in white with blue stripes, the KLZE motor, 5 speed, with power everything! And a vette, can't forget that.

Car clubs I’m in

Fusion Car Club
Performance Probe
Taurus Car Club of America
North Eastern Probe Org


  • Type of racing: auto-x
  • Driving song: Cars by Fear Factory
  • Car movie: Gone in 60 Seconds
  • Car game: NFS: Most Wanted

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