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Franklin, Nebraska
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Cars Profile

About me and my passion for cars

I love to see the work done from start to finish on "found" classic cars working on my own as it is. I have several pix of her in the albums there in order to witch they were taken best to my knowledge. I really like the boxy type 4 door classic cars like the Impala's, new yorkers, rebels and such. When it comes to new i like Toyota trucks and Chevy cars although the Nissan Titian might be replacing Toyota. I love the look of the new Nissan all Beefed up. Just getting into bikes. We like the smaller Honda's like the rebel... Sry no im not really into Harley's use to love what the stood for but that has changed and i dont like the rumble/vibration and constant maintenance they seem to require. Working on my off road truck its a 84 Toyota dlx 4x4 my brother bought for 1500. I want to use it on off road trails of all sorts not just mudding or rock climbing while both are fun i like to drive on trails out in the woods with hills mud fallen trees rocks and washed away trails. Also I Very Big On Customization making your car yours while there are plenty of cool cars bought off the lot they are just that bought. When you do work to your ride you seem to have more pride in it and its more your car theres not a ton of them out there just like it. The Only way i like Original is if "YOU" restored it because it was needed then you put your time in. Every one says keep it Original its worth more that way. Well if you love your ride do you really plan on selling it? Well then why should it matter? Make It Your Show Your self and Have Pride In Your Ride!!!

My first car

It was giving to me when my mom got a new car it was a 79 4 door impala that i ended up putting into a demo. I then got a 78 nova put some work into her before she broke down i lived in apartments and didnt have the money to fix it so i was forced to sell it the apt owner and cops didnt like it just sitting there.

Car I wish I still had

My 79 Monte Carlo electric windows and seats manual door locks red velvet interior. Dark red paint with a perfect white vinyl top all stock original my dumb ass sold it so i could move to Denver now she is in a bone yard will allways regret my choice. Wouldn't mind having my Nova back either it was a blast...

My dream car

Would love to chase my 79 monte but it will never be the same as my first so im staying with what i have my 69 rebel its some what rare and i like not seeing tons of them on the road. My next favorites would have to be a 64 Impala 66 Chrysler newyorker or a 74 Javelin. In all reality there is way to many to list.

Car clubs I’m in

Not really in any clubs just love to cruise the open road with my family & go to every car show I have get the chance to. Would love to one day put my baby in one but for now i'll just drive her around. I get looks and questions all the time Trying to Keep AMC a know company....


  • Type of racing: off road but realated to cars street races but those are illegal hince off road coming in fisrt
  • Driver: The ones that drive for fun and passion when it becomes there job the heart is no longer in it.
  • Driving song: "Black Sunshine" by white zombie
  • Car movie: Christen by steven king
  • Car book: Chilton
  • Car magazine: Low Rider in its old days before all the ads any thing with vintage hot or rad rods. Love them lead sleds too.
  • Car game: driver/ gta / need for speed

Bikes Profile

About me and my passion for bikes

My dad, older brother and my Uncle's where Harley Davidson all the way. I grew up around them and went to bike events but no not Sturgis. Never really got into them as I like to be on 4 wheels a hole lot better and spent most my time with the classic cars and still do today trying to get my kids involved. we have alot were working on around here and hope to add more my adopted Brother has a Chevy Vega we need to get down here. There is a Studebaker truck that we are fighting for "it's on the property we are buying on land contract". ok going off topic here so i'll leave it at that or my bike section wont have much about bikes in it.

My first bike

Will be a 86 Honda rebel bought it from my wife's mom we have been after it for years now we just need to go pick it up!

Bike I still wish I had

None as We don't even have our first bike as of yet.

My dream bike

I would really like to own a ninja even though there bigger and have more power then i like but whats the fun if u can't scare your self every once and a while right?

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