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Gaithersburg, Maryland
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About me and my passion for cars

I was 8 years old when I came home from vacationing with my grandparents, pulled up to my driveway and saw the 1973 Porcelain Blue (paint code 24 below) Formula 400 my parents had just purchased.

I grew up riding the tranny hump in the backseat of that Firebird. I learned to drive in that car in 1981 even though I'd piloted it on many a country drive with my folks already. My senior year of high school, right before graduation, I was given a 17 year olds dream. My folks asked me if I'd like our 1970 El Camino or the 1973 Firebird and it was a real easy decision for me, I took the Firebird. My junior year of college I brought it up to school with me. My senior year of college, August 1987, after completing summer finals I partied too hard and drove.

Since it's not a happy story, I'll just say that my recollection is paying $50 to a junk yard for scraping it. Over the years I've often wondered about my Formula 400 with its unmolested front end sitting in a junk yard. My hope is that is made some parts hunters very happy.

My first car

1973 Firebird Formula

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