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About me and my passion for cars

Dad was always a classic chevy lover. I suppose I just followed suit. He finally got his '56 hardtop restored in 2004 after coming down with cancer. He had bought it back in the early 80's and it had set while he and mom raised us kids and then started enjoying grandkids. He loved going to car shows so much. In '06 I bought a '57 four door and jumped right in there with him. We rode it out pretty heavy for 3 years together attending over 50 shows. He passed away in Nov. of '06 and I'm not looking forward to that first show without him. I still piddle with my car a little bit, but it just isn't the same. I know he would want me to get back in's just gonna take some time.

My first car

Don't laugh. I go to shows and cruise-ins and the older people always talk about how they wish they'd kept some car they use to have. "if we'd only known", they say. I perk right up and tell them, "Boy, I know. I wish I still had my first car. A 1980 four door Dodge Omni!" They sure get a kick out of that.

Car I wish I still had

I had a '69 chevy C20 that I wish I'd never sold. It wasn't anything fancy...just a good 'ol truck.

My dream car

I gotta get me one of those new mustangs.

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  • Type of racing: nascar
  • Driver: tony stewart
  • Driving song: kick start my heart
  • Car movie: gone in 60 seconds
  • Car magazine: classic chevy world

— Profile last updated: Mar 5, 2009